UNICEF Next Generation

We are a group of globally-minded young leaders, professionals, and creatives from diverse walks of life who commit their skills, resources, and resolve toward supporting UNICEF’s lifesaving work. 



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  • Support lifesaving work in over 190+ territories on a monthly basis
  • Invitations to local events at both NextGen and Regional Level
  • Invitation to UNICEF Annual Meeting and Advocacy Day in Washington DC
  • Invitation to UNICEF Annual Gala at special NextGen pricing 
  • Host your own event
  • Monthly Missions 
  • Newsletters, talks, webinars, research, reports
  • Ability to attend and engage with other NextGen chapters (ex. NYC, LA, UK, France, Atlanta, etc.)

superhero level

  • Opportunity to apply to local Steering Committee
  • Opportunity to volunteer with Sub-Committees 
  • Remote volunteer consulting opportunities
  • Vote on NextGen annual fundraising projects
  • All Hero Level benefits included


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